• 03.10.2019
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  • Global Coding Challenge

    Global Coding Challenge

    Which university has the best coders?
    Let’s settle this…

    This October we are launching the first global inter-university online coding competition, and at the end of the month we will crown one university the GCC Global University Champions.

    The competition allows students to attempt solutions to six coding problems. These solutions are then evaluated and scored, and students are placed on a live leaderboard along with students across the globe.

    The top 20 students from a university will have their scores combined to produce that university’s score. At the end of the competition, the university with the highest score and on top of the global leaderboard will be crowned champions.


    Last year’s UK Coding Challenge Champions were University College London - can they remain champions now that the competition has gone global?

    Even if you consider yourself a beginner, you can measure your skills against your fellow university students.

    Code for Prizes, Code for your University, Code for Fun, Code for Glory 

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