• 28.09.2022
  • Konkursy

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag


This year, the Orange serious game  - “Capture the flag” is back and available in your country for the first time. We count on you to be part of this exciting international challenge.

We are looking for the best hackers of your school for the new edition of our serious game "Capture the Flag": mission Break the Bank!

The mission : 

After several months of tracking, Interpol has managed to locate and break into the security system of a rogue bank used by a criminal organization. 

Join us on the 13rd of October from 2pm to 8pm for this online challenge.

During the operation, you will have access to a Dashboard and a Discord channel, allowing you to carry out your attacks while being accompanied by the Orange Cybersecurity teams for the duration of the challenge. Many high tech rewards (VR headset, console, speakers…) will be offered to the top 3 winning teams. ????

Sign up here with 3 or 4 teammates before October 9th.

See you soon for this new mission Break the Bank!

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