• 20.09.2019
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  • Potentialpark Study 2020

    Potentialpark Study 2020

    We know that searching for jobs may be easy, but finding the right one is not a walk in the park. How would you like to apply for jobs? Would you like to be connected with top global employers?

    Participate in the Potentialpark Study 2020, and you will help employers globally to become more Talent Friendly by shaping the future of recruitment together with Potentialpark!

    As a token of appreciation, you'll get access to a variety of rewards, some which will help you land your dream job.

    Even better, you will also get the chance to win the following prizes:

    • An exclusive webinar on personal branding with a Career Expert
    • 50 EUR and 100 EUR Amazon voucher
    • An invitation to one of Potentialpark’s Conferences in New York, Paris, Milan, or Frankfurt where you will meet top global employers
    • Tailored List of Internships based on your career type

    START THE SURVEY NOW => https://survey.potentialpark.com/s3/rf

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